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Women Initiators

Women Initiators Society were established in 2013 by a group of female student activists. The society is a young and growing Non- profit organization. Our society was formed for awareness and economic empowerment of women and for promoting gender equity, access to quality services and opportunities for building an equitable society through convergence and partnership.

History of “Women Initiators”

Balochistan, Pakistan comes among the 3rd world countries where gender inequity exists with its major issues where women lack basic opportunities and rights.

The need of establishing a not-for-profit organization “women Initiators” was to encourage female’s participation in the society whose contribution and responsibility can result positive impact on many lives. In addition; the Hazaras in Quetta are at the tip of target killing that has cast many people to lose their loved ones and their source of income (men) which have caused people economically weak. As our women had one option that was to come out and be men for their children and work for them. So we initiated to bring awareness and support them to the best possible ways so that to make them strong financially for their better future.


The society’s ongoing drive to galvanize women into empowered, independent and equal development vehicle in social and gender equity development of the society.


Women Initiators society’s objectives are to:

  • Promote self-esteem among women.
  • To bring social awareness among the women of the society through various workshop and training programs.
  • To bring change through socio-economic empowerment to women by developing their skills and providing them with income generating and learning opportunities to enable them a leadership role.
  • Be a center for capacity building; collection, collation and dissemination of information and empowerment of women and act as a forum of advocacy for the formulation and implementation of women’s plans and programs.
  • Synergies the efforts of various organizations, NGOs, civil societies and international development agencies for effective implementation of the programs and services which are aimed at protection and empowerment of women.

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