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She Is Not For Sale – Empower Her.

Words are scripted on which we live our lives. The pages which are splattered with green ink, symbolize peace. Ink that’s red, highlights a million shades of blood. There is nothing I can hide in writing, not even the emotions. Therefore, let me write for a girl and let me use the ink that’s black to highlight “her” life because black is the omen of pain, sufferings and blues. I am reuniting words for the girl who is merely living.The girl who is living in the darkness of hell.The she who is the fifth daughter of a rude father. Perhaps, she who is the fifth sister of her only brother. She is another unwanted daughter of a woman.She who is known as burden for her father but is known as a pleasure item for the society. But who is she for herself? She rather wants me to use white color to write about her. As it stands for life, love, hope and strength. “She is the both survivor and warrior”. The warrior who can fight to break these broken lies like a broken spine and from whose cracks a hopeful light pierces, igniting the universe like the very first sun beams which beats the darkest dark. Thus, she is not for sale, empower her.

She Is Not For Sale / Empower Her.

She Is Not For Sale / Empower Her.

“Here is to strong women, let’s be them, let’s know them, let’s raise them” we can heal everything together. Success is ours. Let’s empower each other.We are born to be free. Sky is not the limit, lets fly beyond it.

I want to raise my words for all those girls who have kept silence. Who have traded their dreams, their innocence, their being; girls who have comprised on their dreams to get a normal life. Those who don’t have access to their basic rights. The girls who have never gotten the chance to read and write.There are yet girls who are stoned and sentenced to death if they step out for getting education. The girls who have to suffer a lot for achieving their dreams. The girls who do not live only for themselves but for the family and society. For each of their actions and decisions they must look after everyone. But they do not care about all these horrors and chaos as they are both survivors and warriors. Everything they care enough for is trying to win all those they have lost because they know they came down here for something. They are here somewhere in between inspiring others as long as they are achievers, conquers and warriors. They say,“ They were created to be strong and determined”. They never let anything in their way drop them down.

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