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Result Distribution Day – 10th Semester

Education has always been one of the most vital factors for the progress of a society. More so, in this era of rapidly advancing science and technology and boundless communication, being educated is an obligation because without that you will not be able to get your voice heard. Unfortunately, in places like Quetta, Balochistan which is a remote city in a developing country, education has remained inaccessible to a lot of boys and especially girls who have grown up to become parents now. Some of the women have not even received the most basic education and face lots of hardships in day to day life dealings. Due to this, most of these parents find it hard to understand the mindset of their children and this has affected parenting very much and increasing a gap between mother and her children.
Thus, to cater for the needs of the society Women Initiators started a campaign of providing basic education to the unschooled female parents to help obtain basic education which can be helpful in their daily lives and train them to get along with the changing traits of the society by improving their communication skills which will help them in managing their lives. In addition, as a part of this initiative informative seminars have also been conducted to give awareness on different topics such as women’s health, management of home budget and entrepreneurship concepts to these females who already have the small business and works at home.

Adult Learners Class - Workshop

Adult Learners Class – Workshop

Adult Learners Class - Women's Day Celebration

Adult Learners Class – Women’s Day Celebration

Adult Learners Class conducts a one-on-one meeting between students and the teacher after conducting the first test of  Semester. Students (Women) met their teachers in person for all different subjects, they are taught. The meeting offered most confidentiality and allowed the discussion of information specific to a student in a particular subject, they have made the progress in. The mothers’ (students) daughters were involved in the meeting so that they can play a supporting role to motivate them for the continuation of their studies. A small step towards removing the generation gap between a daughter and a mother.

Adult Learners Class held its 10th semesters Result Distribution Day on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 to honor and award the hard work of all the women (Students) who have decided to be a change maker by bringing change in themselves that’s only possible when they get their basic education and WI is providing this platform to all those women who want to struggle and be a role model for others.  We welcome every woman from every home to be part of bringing change in themselves and in the society.

Adult Learners' class - 10th Semester Result Day

Adult Learners’ class – 10th Semester Result Day

Many improvements have occurred like they are able to do their daily activities without asking for help from their son or daughter such as dialing phone number from contact, reading and writing the whole family members name, understand the names of brands and different workshops conducted about issues suffered by women like health issues (menstruation problems, pregnancy, menopause etc), early child marriages and their complications, management of home budget, raising of children focusing on their education and many more are leading them to the knowledgeable person according to the terms and condition of modern society. Moreover, these classes will decrease the mindset gap between a child and a mother and increase the understanding level of both generations.

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