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My MIND to me a kingdom is!!!

My mind to me a kingdom is;
Such perfect joy therein I find
That it excels all other bliss
Which God or nature hath assign’d.
Though much I want that most would have,
Yet still my mind forbids to crave.

Edward Dyer

We are not what we look, nor what we wear; we are not what we weigh, nor what our names are; we are what we think and what we chase. The life’s ever biggest question is how to bury the hatchet while drowned completely in a sea of conflicts between mind and heart. It is more analogous to an easy sinecure to repulse the heart by feeding it with consoling pleasure but it requires an incisive velour to convince the mind. Anyhow, it should not be kept under the veil that life’s fluctuations have grown to be fascinating for those who have aspired in fastening their minds with the hold fasts of contentment. A content mind can conquer the world. In the praise of content minds, the whole world is ruled by illusions of mind. As, today’s machine was invented by the illusion of a single man,which is of singular worth now.

My wealth is health and perfect ease,
And conscience clear my chief defence;
I never seek by bribes to please,
Nor by desert to give offence.
Thus do I live, thus will I die,–
Would all did so as well as I!

Edward Dyer

A content mind can lead a man to a mammoth victory while it can relegate him when it succumbs to the shattered pieces of heart. Mind knows its boundaries, its circumference and its perimeter when it ascends to make stentorian decisions. It is mind that heeds the omens of nature to ascertain man of his sacred position so as to update him for lethal adventures; it is mind which fantasies man to an unrealistic regime in order to shower him with rain of hope. In-fact, the power of imagination was blessed to man to compensate for what he is not. What would one be doing with stereotype masses of muscles if the whole body was devoid of center of command? Secondly, the secret to a worldly, rejoicing life is not to acquire more or own more but is merely to have chants of satisfaction in mind with what one owns. This is what reveals out when mind is precipitated with crests and troughs of life resulting to be more productive towards nature rather than singing the melodies of desire for more. 

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