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Fatima – A student of Foundation Three

A single mother playing role of a father becomes the only one responsible to feed, train and help her children’s growth according to the need of society. Fatima lost her father at the age of sixteen making her the only person to feed her three sisters and two brothers. She faced the societal and financial challenges in order to support her family. If she had been to school, she would possibly be a teacher or do an office work but social norms bring limitation for girls’ education. She was working outside of her home to fulfill the basic requirements of brothers and sisters like providing shelter, food of three times and sending them to school. Fatima was seventeen, when she became the second wife of her cousin twice her age with three daughters, she forgot to smile, to dream even she lost her childhood. Another challenge was waiting to work for her husband to fulfill his basic requirements too now. Normally in Hazara society, a father, brother or husband is responsible for feeding the family that’s why in the process of upbringing girls, there aren’t any teaching how to stand up for herself when there is a need of survival. Fatima is an example to bring in notification for the society that a change is needed.

Adult Learners Academy a project of Women Initiators became a platform for Fatima to educate herself, stand up for her children, become aware of her rights and responsibilities in its best way. She now can read and write her children’s name, she knows the alphabet and can read a book of her son studying in nursery class, she helps him in doing his homework, she can read the result of hers and her children. These are the starting of class, as she reaches towards higher classes, she will build a strong personality for herself.

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