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Adult Learners Class

Education has always been one of the most vital factors for the progress of a society. More so, in this era of rapidly advancing science and technology and boundless communication, being educated is an obligation because without that you will not be able to get your voice heard. Unfortunately, in places like Quetta, Balochistan which is a remote city in a developing country, education has remained inaccessible to a lot of boys and specially girls who have grown up to become parents now. Some of the women have not even received the most basic education and face lots of hardships in day to day life dealings. Due to this, most of these parents find it hard to understand the mindset of their children and this has affected parenting very much and increase gab between mother and her children. Moreover, the socio-economic condition of women is also not in a good shape due to lack of education and the uncertain situation of Quetta have limited Hazara community of working outside the town.
Thus, to cater for the needs of the society Women Initiators started a campaign of providing free basic education to the unschooled female parents to help them obtain basic education which can prove helpful in their daily lives and train them to get along with the changing traits of the society by improving their communication skills which will help them in managing their lives. In addition, as a part of this initiative informative seminars have also been conducted to give awareness on different topics such as women’s health, management of home budget and entrepreneurship concepts to these females who already having small business and works at home.

Women for Women Initiators’ purpose of initiating the Adult Learners’ Class are to have the following outcomes for the progress of society:
• To let the women communicate more effectively within their family and more over with society members, after completing one year course.

• To enhance individuals knowledge through productive workshops and seminars on health, home budgeting etc.

• To show the women a new path of life by educating them with different languages (English and Urdu and Math) and enhancing their communication skills.

• To give the basic information that they can enhance their skill and increase market demand for their small businesses.