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Empowering Women through Education

Empowering Women through Education

Being woman is not easy especially if you are born in a patriarchal society of Quetta, Pakistan. Majority of women living in the tribal context of Quetta have long being denied basic rights such as acquiring education. Therefore many elderly women and many women from the underprivileged backgrounds of my society are still illiterate and

Fatima – A student of Foundation Three

A single mother playing role of a father becomes the only one responsible to feed, train and help her children’s growth according to the need of society. Fatima lost her father at the age of sixteen making her the only person to feed her three sisters and two brothers. She faced the societal and financial

Result Distribution Day – 10th Semester

Education has always been one of the most vital factors for the progress of a society. More so, in this era of rapidly advancing science and technology and boundless communication, being educated is an obligation because without that you will not be able to get your voice heard. Unfortunately, in places like Quetta, Balochistan which

Women Initiators

Women Initiators Society were established in 2013 by a group of female student activists. The society is a young and growing Non- profit organization. Our society was formed for awareness and economic empowerment of women and for promoting gender equity, access to quality services and opportunities for building an equitable society through convergence and partnership.

She Is Not For Sale – Empower Her.

Words are scripted on which we live our lives. The pages which are splattered with green ink, symbolize peace. Ink that’s red, highlights a million shades of blood. There is nothing I can hide in writing, not even the emotions. Therefore, let me write for a girl and let me use the ink that’s black

My MIND to me a kingdom is!!!

My mind to me a kingdom is; Such perfect joy therein I find That it excels all other bliss Which God or nature hath assign’d. Though much I want that most would have, Yet still my mind forbids to crave. Edward Dyer We are not what we look, nor what we wear; we are not